The Mirman Law Firm, LLC 

Client Comments

I am more than pleased to recommend Joel Mirman for any legal issue or matter that may arise, as well as for his advice, which helps clients avoid future problems. I have known Joel for 50 years and, in that time, I have come to know him to be an excellent attorney whose common sense matches his legal knowledge. I have referred several clients to him. All of them have been more than happy with his representation. They appreciate his ability as well as his personality. As a lawyer myself, I have turned to Joel when I have had legal and ethical questions. His help has been enormous.

R. Douglas Callander, Attorney

I have had the pleasure of working with Joel on personal cases ranging from small business issues to some of the most challenging issues of my career. Throughout, he has demonstrated professional aptitude that exceeds, by far, any other legal counsel I have experienced, and empathy that mirrors what I am used to in my own profession as a physician. I have recommended Joel to many of my colleagues, all of whom have thanked me endlessly for doing so.

Ergun Kocak, M.D., Midwest Breast & Aesthetic Surgery